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In existence since 1971, the Player of the Month Award has been one of most coveted prizes in Irish football and is synonomous with the Soccer Writers’ Association of Ireland (SWAI).

From League of Ireland icons to fathers and sons, brothers, and some of the best foreigners to grace the domestic game, the award has recognised the excellence, consistency and passion of so many great players.

Each winner is selected by the SWAI members and they have come from clubs who still dominate to those who have fallen away, yet their memory will always live on through this unique award.


SWAI Player of the Month Winners
2015 – March: David McMillan (Dundalk); April: Richie Towell (Dundalk)

2014 – March: Gary O’Neill (Drogheda United); April: Chris Forrester (St Patrick’s Athletic); May: Daryl Horgan (Dundalk); June: Mark O’Sullivan (Cork City); July: Richie Towell (Dundalk); August: Rory Gaffney (Limerick); September: Dane Massey (Dundalk); October: Patrick Hoban (Dundalk); November: Christy Fagan (St Patrick’s Athletic)

2013 – March: Anthony Elding (Sligo Rovers); April: Barry McNamee (Derry City); May: Killian Brennan (St Patrick’s Athletic); June: Jason Byrne (Bray Wanderers); July: Patrick Hoban (Dundalk); August: Richie Towell (Dundalk); September: Anthony Flood (St Patrick’s Athletic); October: Ciaran Kilduff (Cork City); November: Danny North (Sligo Rovers)

2012 – March: Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers); April: Chris Forrester (St Patrick’s Athletic); May: Jason Byrne (Bray Wanderers); June: Danny North (Sligo Rovers); July: Christy Fagan (St Patrick’s Athletic); August: Mark Quigley (Sligo Rovers); September: Jason McGuinness (Sligo Rovers); October: Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers); November: Rory Patterson (Derry City)

2011 – March: Mark Quigley (Dundalk); April: Gary Dempsey (Bray Wanderers); May: Eoin Doyle (Sligo Rovers); June: Danny North (St Patrick’s Athletic); July: Conor McCormack (Shamrock Rovers); August: Pat Sullivan (Shamrock Rovers); September: Joseph Ndo (Sligo Rovers); October: Karl Sheppard (Shamrock Rovers); November: Stephen Paisley (Shelbourne)

2010 – March: Conor Kenna (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: Karl Sheppard (Galway United); May: David McMillan (UCD); June: Paddy Madden (Bohemians); July: David Mulcahy (St Patrick’s Athletic); August: Aidan Price (Shamrock Rovers); September: Jake Kelly (Bray Wanderers); October: Richie Ryan (Sligo Rovers); November: Ciaran Kelly (Sligo Rovers)

2009 – March: Derek O’Brien (Galway United); April: Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers); May: Colin Healy (Cork City); June: Raffaele Cretaro (Sligo Rovers); July: Declan O’Brien (St Patrick’s Athletic); August: Brian Shelley (Bohemians); September: Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers); October: Raffaele Cretaro (Sligo Rovers); November: Conan Byrne (Sporting Fingal)swai-patrick-hoban

2008 – March: Keith Fahey (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: Patrick Kavanagh (Bray Wanderers); May: Killian Brennan (Bohemians); June: David Mooney (Cork City); July: Ollie Cahill (Drogheda United); August: Mark Quigley (St Patrick’s Athletic); September: Gary Deegan (Bohemians); October: Owen Heary (Bohemians); November: Brian Murphy (Bohemians)

2007 – March: Alan Kirby (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: Brian Shelley (Drogheda United); May: Tadhg Purcell (Shamrock Rovers); June: Derek Glynn (Galway United); July: Matthew Judge (Sligo Rovers); August: David Mooney (Longford Town); September: Guy Bates (Drogheda United); October: Brian Shelley (Drogheda United); November: Conor Gethins (Finn Harps)

2006 – March: Paul Keegan (Drogheda United); April: Jason Gavin (Drogheda United); May: Paddy McCourt (Derry City); June: Paul McTiernan (Sligo Rovers); July: Joseph Ndo (Shelbourne); August: Kevin Deery (Derry City); September: Darren Kelly (Derry City); October: Philip Hughes (Dundalk); November: Roy O’Donovan (Cork City)

2005 – March/April: Richie Baker (Shelbourne); May: George O’Callaghan (Cork City); June: Tony McDonnell (UCD); July: Mark Farren (Derry City); August: Liam Kearney (Cork City); September: Peter Hutton (Derry City); October: Jason Byrne (Shelbourne); November: Roy O’Donovan (Cork City)

2004 – April: Jason Byrne (Shelbourne); May: Trevor Molloy (Shamrock Rovers); June: Liam Kearney (Cork City); July: Wes Hoolahan (Shelbourne); August: Owen Heary (Shelbourne); September: Daryl Murphy (Waterford United); October: Dave Warren (Cobh Ramblers); November: Kevin Doyle (Cork City)

2003 – April: John O’Flynn (Cork City); May: Steve Williams (Shelbourne); June: Tony Grant (Shamrock Rovers); July: Colin Hawkins (Bohemians); August: Chris Adamson (St Patrick’s Athletic); September: Jason Byrne (Shelbourne); October: Shane Barrett (Longford Town); November: Jamie Harris (Shelbourne)

2002/03 – July: John O’Flynn (Cork City); August: George O’Callaghan (Cork City); September: Eric Lavine (Longford Town); October: Eamonn Doherty (Derry City); November: Glen Crowe (Bohemians); December: Barry Ryan (UCD); January: Kevin Hunt (Bohemians)

2001/02 – August: Stephen O’Brien (Longford Town); September: Charles Mbabazi Livingstone (St Partrick’s Athletic); October: Darren Kelly (Derry City); November: Ollie Cahill (Cork City); December: Kevin Doherty (Shelbourne); January: Billy Woods (Shamrock Rovers); February: Ger McCarthy (St Patrick’s Athletic); March: Darragh Maguire (St Patrick’s Athletic)

2000/01 – August: Kevin Hunt (Bohemians); September: Glen Crowe (Bohemians); October: Glen Crowe (Bohemians); November: Stephen O’Brien (Longford Town); December: Richie Baker (Shelbourne); January: Paul Doolin (Shelbourne); February: Liam Kelly (St Patrick’s Athletic); March: No Award; April: Mark Rutherford (Bohemians)

doyle-madden1999/2000 – August: Shane Robinson (Shamrock Rovers); September: Pat Fenlon (Shelbourne); October: Pat Morley (Cork City); November: Trevor Molloy (St Patrick’s Athletic); December: Steve Williams (Shelbourne); January: Michael Dempsey (Bohemians); February: Ciaran Martyn (UCD); March: Dessie Baker (Shelbourne); April: Colm Tresson (Bray Wanderers)

1998/99 – August: Derek Coughlan (Cork City); September: Jason Byrne (Bray Wanderers); October: Trevor Molloy (St Patrick’s Athletic); November: John Caulfield (Cork City); December: Aidan Lynch (UCD); January: Martin Russell (St Patrick’s Athletic); February: Richie Baker (Shelbourne); March: Paul Coughlan (Cobh Ramblers); April: Michael Devine (Waterford United)

1997/98 – August: Dessie Baker (Shelbourne); September: Pat Scully (Shelbourne); October: Brian Byrne (Dundalk); November: Colin Hawkins (St Patrick’s Athletic); December: Ollie Cahill (Cork City); January: Matt Britton (Shamrock Rovers); February: Nicky Brujos (Sligo Rovers); March: Keith Doyle (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: Thomas Morgan (St Patrick’s Athletic)

1996/97 – August: Eoin Mullen (Bohemians); September: Paul Doolin (Bohemians); October: Terry Palmer (UCD); November: Patsy Freyne (Cork City); December: Gary Beckett (Derry City); January: Pat Morley (Shelbourne); February: Tony Cousins (Shamrock Rovers); March: Paul Curran (Derry City); April: Peter Hutton (Derry City)

1995/96 – August: Paul Doolin (Derry City); September: Gary Howlett (Shelbourne); October: Maurice O’Driscoll (Bohemians); November: Greg Costello (Shelbourne); December: Eddie Gormley (St Patrick’s Athletic); January: Alan Gough (Shelbourne); February: Stephen Geoghegan (Shelbourne); March: Ricky O’Flaherty (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: Dave Campbell (St Patrick’s Athletic)

1994/95 – August: Gavin Dykes (Sligo Rovers); September: Tony O’Connor (Bohemians); October: John McDonnell (St Patrick’s Athletic); November: John Caulfield (Cork City); December: Mike Small (Sligo Rovers); January: Jason Sherlock (UCD); February: Paul Curran (Derry City); March: Mark Rutherford (Shelbourne); April: Liam Coyle (Derry City)

1993/94 – September: Anthony Buckley (Cork City); October: Stephen Geoghegan (Shamrock Rovers); November: Alan Byrne (Shamrock Rovers); December: Peter Hutton (Derry City); January: John Brennan (Galway United); February: John Kenny (Sligo Rovers); March: Eoin Mullen (Shamrock Rovers); April: Dermot O’Neill (Derry City)

1992/93 – September: Dave Tilson (Bohemians); October: Pat Morley (Cork City); November: Gerry McCabe (Cork City); December: Ken De Mange (Limerick); January: Robbie Best (Bohemians); February: Pascal Keane (Waterford United); March: Garry Haylock (Shelbourne); April: Anthony Whelan (Shelbourne)

1991/92 – September: Dave Barry (Cork City); October: Dermot O’Neill (Derry City); November: Paul Whelan (Bohemians); December: Robbie Best (Bohemians); January: John Caulfield (Cork City); February: Paul McGee (Sligo Rovers); March: Tony McCarthy (Shelbourne); April: Pat Fenlon (Bohemians)

1990/91 – September: Paul Bannon (Cork City); October: Peter Hanrahan (Dundalk); November: Curtis Fleming (St Patrick’s Athletic); December: Denis Bonner (Sligo Rovers); January: Dave Connell (Shamrock Rovers); February: Pat Morley (Cork City); March: Sean Murphy (Ashtown Villa); April: Tom McNulty (Dundalk)charles

1989/90 – September: Mark Ennis (St Patrick’s Athletic); October: Mick Moody (St Patrick’s Athletic); November: Felix Healy (Derry City); December: Paul Doolin (Derry City); January: Conor Best (Kilkenny City); February: Phil Harrington (Cork City); March: Damien Byrne (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: David Henderson (St Patrick’s Athletic)

1988/89 – September: Billy Hamilton (Limerick City); October: Mark Ennis (St Patrick’s Athletic); November: Paul Doolin (Derry City); December: Terry Kearns (Cobh Ramblers); January: Larry Wyse (Dundalk); February: Paddy Dunning (Drogheda United); March: Liam Coyle (Derry City); April: Dave Barry (Cork City)

1987/88 – September: Mick Bennett (Waterford United); October: Paul McGee (Galway United); November: Mick Neville (Shamrock Rovers); December: John Reynor (Bohemians); January: Damien Byrne (St Patrick’s Athletic); February: John Caulfield (Cork City); March: Terry Eviston (Dundalk); April: Dessie Gorman (Dundalk)

1986/87 – September: Pat Byrne (Shamrock Rovers); October: Richie Kelly (Home Farm); November: Barry Kehoe (Dundalk); December: David Flavin (Waterford United); January: Eugene Davis (Bray Wanderers); February: Alex Krstic (Derry City); March: Mick Byrne (Shamrock Rovers); April: Noel Larkin (Shamrock Rovers)

1985/86 – September: No Award; October: No Award; November: Denis Bonner (Galway United); December: Joey Malone (Dundalk); January: Paul McGee (Galway United); February: Pat Healy (Cork City); March: Barry Murphy (Bohemians); April: Kevin Power (Waterford United)

1984/85 – September: Gino Lawless (Bohemians); October: Jacko McDonagh (Shamrock Rovers); November: Mick McLoughlin (Galway United); December: Fran Hitchcock (Home Farm); January: Al Finucane (Limerick); February: Pat O’Kelly (Home Farm); March: Tommy Gaynor (Limerick); April: Denis Bonner (Galway United)

1983/84 – September: Larry Wyse (Athlone Town); October: Brendan Bradley (Finn Harps); November: Pat Byrne (Shamrock Rovers); December: Jackie Jameson (Bohemians); January: Alan Campbell (Shamrock Rovers); February: Liam Murphy (Limerick City); March: Mick Bennett (Waterford United); April: Jacko McDonagh (Shamrock Rovers)

1982/83 – September: Denis Clarke (Athlone Town); October: Leo Flanagan (Dundalk); November: Noel Larkin (Athlone Town); December: Brendan Bradley (Finn Harps); January: Kieran McCabe (Shelbourne); February: Martin Murray (Drogheda United); March: Eddie O’Halloran (Cobh Ramblers); April: Barry Murphy (Bohemians)

lennon-kelly1981/82 – September: Barry Kehoe (Dundalk); October: Jackie Jameson (Bohemians); November: David Flavin (Thurles Town); December: Liam Buckley (Shamrock Rovers); January: Jim Beglin (Shamrock Rovers); February: Mick Byrne (Shelbourne); March: Paul McGrath (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: Tommy McConville (Dundalk)

1980/81 – September: Des Kennedy (Limerick United); October: Mick Fairclough (Dundalk); November: Michael O’Connor (Athlone Town); December: Padraig O’Connor (Athlone Town); January: Liam Keane (Cork United); February: Liam Harbison (Finn Harps); March: Tony Fagan (Sligo Rovers); April: Eugene Davis (Athlone Town)

1979/80 – September: Eoin Hand (Limerick United); October: Dermot Keely (Dundalk); November: Brendan Storan (Limerick United); December: Alan Campbell (Shamrock Rovers); January: Joe Logan (Finn Harps); February: Richie Blackmore (Dundalk); March: Jackie Jameson (St Patrick’s Athletic); April: Peter Thomas (Waterford)

1978/79 – September: Dermot Keely (Dundalk); October: Tommy O’Brien (Cork Celtic); November: Home Farm team; December: Mick Leech (Drogheda United); January: Paddy Joyce (Bohemians); February: Derek Carthy (St Patrick’s Athletic); March: Paddy Dunning (Dundalk); April: Sean Byrne (Dundalk)

1977/78 – September: Cathal Muckian (Drogheda United); October: Eamonn Gregg (Bohemians); November: Jim Sheridan (Finn Harps); December: Syd Wallace (Waterford); January: Alex Ludzic (Cork Alberts); February: Alan Patterson (Sligo Rovers); March: Johnny Giles (Shamrock Rovers); Eamonn Gregg (Bohemians)

1976/77 – September: Sean Byrne (St Patrick’s Athletic); October: Paul McGee (Sligo Rovers); November: Martin Donnelly (Drogheda United); December: Paul McGee (Sligo Rovers); January: Fran O’Brien (Bohemians); February: Ashley Grimes (Bohemians); March: Mick Lawlor (Dundalk); April: John Herrick (Limerick)

1975/76 – September: Eugene Davis (Athlone Town); October: Carl Humphries (Athlone Town); November: Brendan Bradley (Finn Harps); December: Gerry Ryan (Bohemians); January: Bobby Tambling (Cork Celtic); February: Bryan McSweeney (Cork Celtic); March: Seamus McDowell (Dundalk); April: Martin Donnelly (Drogheda)

1974/75 – September: Donal Murphy (Shamrock Rovers); October: Mick Leech (Waterford); November: Pat Byrne (Bohemians); December: Mick Smyth (Bohemians); January: Jim Smith (Finn Harps); February: Dave Wigginton (Cork Hibernians); March: Tommy Kelly (Bohemians); April: Vincent McKenna (Shelbourne)

1973/74 – September: Turlough O’Connor (Bohemians); October: Terry Flanagan (Bohemians); November: Frank O’Neill (Cork Celtic); December: Donal Murphy (Shamrock Rovers); January: Johnny Fullam (Bohemians); February: Ben Hannigan (Cork Celtic); March: Charlie Ferry (Finn Harps); April: No Award

1972/73 – September: Doug Wood (Athlone Town); October: Tommy McConville (Waterford); November: Alfie Hale (Waterford); December: Fred Davis (Bohemians); January: Miah Dennehy (Cork Hibernians); February: Paul McNaughton (Shelbourne); March: Richard Brooks (Cork Celtic); April: Alfie Hale (Waterford)

1971/72 – September: Mick Leech (Shamrock Rovers); October: Vinny Maguire (Waterford); November: Jackie Morley (Waterford); December: Terry Harkin (Finn Harps); January: Miah Dennehy (Cork Hibernians); February: Alfie Hale (Waterford); March: Turlough O’Connor (Bohemians); April: Miah Dennehy (Cork Hibernians)


*Images courtesy of Sportsfile